Is There Room?

by Daniel Reese, Staff Writer

It’s the question I hear around the midnight hour as I stay awake on behalf of those in our city experiencing homelessness. Sandwiched between two officers she asks, “Is there room?” The words themselves signs of our time and symbols of our contemporary context, test the space even before her body enters the main room.

This question has haunted me from the beginning of my time at City With Dwellings. For those of you who do not know, City With Dwellings is a nonprofit in Winston Salem that has partnered with a network of churches and permanent shelters to provide temporary housing for those experiencing homelessness during the coldest months of the year. Continue reading “Is There Room?”

Minister, Know Thyself

by Brian Hayes, Staff Writer

Since high school, I have considered myself called to ministry. In the meantime, I have been working to discern what that call means and how manifests itself in my life. Beginning in the early days of this calling, I imagined that it meant I would one day become the pastor of a church. Through my undergraduate program in religious studies, divinity school, and my various ministry experiences, I have always thought of myself as preparing for congregational ministry, specifically the role of pastor. However, at this time in my life journey as I near graduation, I do not feel myself being led to that role after all. In fact, I’m not really sure where I’m being led. Continue reading “Minister, Know Thyself”

5 News Stories to Know

by Marisa Fraley, Staff Writer

As religious leaders, it is important to be aware of what is going on in our world. Below, I have compiled a mix of various stories that are relevant to the work that we do.

1. President Barack Obama to Visit U.S. Mosque

President Obama will visit a mosque in the US and plans to talk about religious freedom-one of the key tenets of this country. Given the constant media attention on Islam because of ISIS, almost, if not all of which is negative, it is likely that as religious leaders may be faced with questions from our congregants and religious communities. It is important for dispel myths and give accurate information. Continue reading “5 News Stories to Know”

Money Minute: Dressing the Part While Not Breaking the Bank

by Angel Lee, Guest Contributor

As ministers and faith leaders, many of us have the desire to dress the part. We want to wear fashions that attest to our personal style while giving the image of a leader. The problem is how to pay for this style without going into debt. Clothes and accessories can be very expensive. However, I assure you that you can have personal style without going in the red. Here are my tips for frugal shopping.

1. Shopping Malls

The stores in the shopping malls have a way of luring you into their stores. The outfits on the mannequins look sharp, and there are huge signs in the windows advertising discounts. Continue reading “Money Minute: Dressing the Part While Not Breaking the Bank”

Let the Name Sound

by Jayvon Johnson, Staff Writer

We all were born with one. It is typically given by our mother or loved one. It is bestowed upon us in hopes that with it a particular level of respect or even honor will be given to us. We provide signatures for loans and opportunities, speak it to clarify its pronunciation. Our name is important in all of these ways. We carry great responsibility with our name. We would like those who use it to speak of it only in good will and in relation to all things pure and moral and ethically pleasing. We take abundant integrity in our own names, but we lack the same reverence for the name of our Savior. Continue reading “Let the Name Sound”

Third Year Spotlight Turns to Josh Godwin

by Darnysha Nard, Staff Writer

Name some fun facts about you that not everyone knows!

To have been the head of the Physical Wellness Group, I am not in the best physical shape; also to have been the captain of numerous Intramural teams…I am not abundantly athletic, but it worked out okay I guess. My hometown has a population of 85 people according to the official NC record. I was born with extra holes in my ears, almost like pre-pierced ears (didn’t give me super hearing though, so it’s not that fun).

Why did you decide to come to divinity school?

I decided to come to divinity school because I wanted more training to prepare for the calling I felt to ministry. Continue reading “Third Year Spotlight Turns to Josh Godwin”

Top Ten Reasons We’re Glad Winter Storm Jonas is Over

Continue reading “Top Ten Reasons We’re Glad Winter Storm Jonas is Over”

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