Introverts Can Do Ministry Too!

by Marisa Fraley, Staff Writer

I heard not too long ago that introverts cannot be effective ministers. As an introvert and someone called to ministry I couldn’t help but be a little offended. I realized that the speaker was operating on the misconception that introverts don’t like people. Here’s a secret though…introverts like people! We just need “me time” to be re-energized. Continue reading “Introverts Can Do Ministry Too!”

Bus Theology

by Elizabeth Corney, Editor-in-Chief

“Divinity School? What is that?”

“One time, I told my friend I had plans, but I really just didn’t want to go to her event, was that a lie?”

For some reason that I have yet to discover, fellow riders like to strike up conversations with me on the shuttle between school and home. Depending on their tone, I usually resist by giving short answers or avoid contact by listening to music or reading. Yet, somehow, people persist in asking the strangest questions. My favorites are about the Bible. I think I have taken enough questions about the Bible to qualify as some sort of Bible therapist. Continue reading “Bus Theology”

The Greatest Gift of All

by Michelle Butler, Staff Writer

Last week I was asked by my wonderful mother, “Michelle, what do you want most for Christmas?” See, my mother is and has been a single mother for the last 19 years, my father was gunned down on December 21, 1996. While my dad was not the best man in this world (we all have our faults), he was a man who preached, believed and tried to live as an example of the love of Jesus Christ. Continue reading “The Greatest Gift of All”

Singing Our Way into Being: Music as Identity

by Brian Hayes, Staff Writer

Every Sunday morning, Christian congregations around the world gather to lift their voices to God in song. In many languages and in various musical genres, Christians sing assertions about God and themselves. But how often do we really stop and think about what we’re singing? Whether we are aware of it or not, the music we sing forms us in the faith in significant ways. Because of this, it is critical that we to pay attention to what our music leads us to think, feel, and do. Continue reading “Singing Our Way into Being: Music as Identity”

Money Minute: From Scarce to Sacred

by Larke Blanton, Guest Contributor

Money. Just saying the word can bring anxiety shivering up the spine. Why is it that any time money is addressed the topic is clouded by a sense of shame? Perhaps our mindset of money is one that does not allow for positive progress. Brené Brown writes in her chapter, Daring Greatly, of a culture shrouded in shame. “We are struggling enough with the issue of worthiness that it is beginning to shape our culture as seen, for example, in the love of money.” So if it is a feeling of worthiness we seek, let’s imagine how that can be fostered through a sacred relationship with resources of which money is only one option. Continue reading “Money Minute: From Scarce to Sacred”

All the Reasons to Wear Technicolored Dream Socks

by Jonathan Gamble, Staff Writer

We’ve all heard the story of Joseph and the technicolored dream coat. He had a wondrous dream, prematurely told his family, Daddy-o gave him a wicked cool coat, and then he became a super-duper dream interpreter despite his brothers’ evil schemes. How do you follow in Joseph’s steps? You start wearing technicolored dream socks to bed every night. Duh. Continue reading “All the Reasons to Wear Technicolored Dream Socks”

Top Ten Most Overused Phrases at Wake Div.

Continue reading “Top Ten Most Overused Phrases at Wake Div.”

The Voice: Is Your Name Changing?

by Jayvon Johnson, Staff Writer

As the days draw close to the end of the semester, I begin to remember the time I was reflecting on beginning this journey here. Last year around this time I was sitting in a place that never fit me. I was running from a purpose that would shoot me into the next level of my destiny. My feet were sinking while my spirit was rediscovering “the voice”. As confident as I was about my commitment to the location I was, “the voice” brought me back to reality and I was faced with making the decision to leave.  Continue reading “The Voice: Is Your Name Changing?”

Reed’s Hypothetical and Totally Not Legitimate Addition to The Rap Year Book

by Reed Lawson, Guest Contributor,

Hi, I’m Reed. I am a graduate student at Wake Forest School of Medicine, and am currently studying to attain a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Structural Biology. I am married to the lovely Elizabeth Corney, who you may have heard of before. I like all things regarding pop culture and entertainment, and enjoy playing trivia and sports in my free time.

Recently, I came across and read a fascinating book, quite possibly the best book to be released in 2015. The name of this book is The Rap Year Book: The Most Important Rap Song from Every Year Since 1979, Discussed, Debated, and Deconstructed. The author of this book is Shea Serrano (recently from Grantland, RIP), who IMO is one of the funniest and most insightful writers on the Internet. Continue reading “Reed’s Hypothetical and Totally Not Legitimate Addition to The Rap Year Book”

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