Risking Transformation

by Daniel Reese, Staff Writer

At some point in time, we at Wake Forest School of Divinity, have all received the same invitation to come to the Table and risk transformation. I’ll never forget sitting in First Year Orientation as Dr. Jill Crainshaw extended this invitation to my class. Up until that moment, I had never heard transformation and risk used in the same sentence. That combination of words rang true and in that moment, I said yes. Yes to God, yes to this process, yes to transformation. Continue reading “Risking Transformation”

First-Year Growing Pains

by Anna Kate McWhorter, Staff Writer

Y’all. We need to talk about some stuff. We seem to have collectively found ourselves at “a loss for how to communicate.”

During orientation, while being told about how hard a lot of this first year would be in terms of navigating our differences of narrative and perspectives, there was some talk about honoring process. If we hear something new, something we think is wrong, something that challenges us or our opinions, we don’t need to respond in that moment. Continue reading “First-Year Growing Pains”

Liberation and Contemplation

by Jonathan Gamble, Staff Writer

What is the relationship between liberation and contemplation? Are they different starting points, or is there a deeper connection? What does the monk have to do with the activist? Some believe only the privileged have the time to practice contemplative prayer. But they don’t really know what it is.

Contemplative prayer is simply an action, practice, or word through which I can entrust my very being to God and consent to whatever God longs to give me and asks me to do. Continue reading “Liberation and Contemplation”

Money Minute: One Plus One Equals…?

by Angel Lee, Guest Contributor

Thanks to some people in the divinity school, I became a little richer last week. I found a quarter in 202 and two pennies in the student lounge. Some may have forgotten basic mathematics, especially when it comes to money. One penny may not have worth to most people. But when I add that penny to another penny, I have two pennies. If I add another penny, I will have three. Yet another penny will give me four. With each penny, the value of my change increases. Continue reading “Money Minute: One Plus One Equals…?”

5 News Stories to Know

by Marisa Fraley, Staff Writer

As religious leaders, it is important to be aware of what is going on in our world. Below, I have compiled a mix of other stories that are also relevant to the work that we do.


  1. Shooting at Oregon College Campus

Our news stations are once again filled with news about a mass shooting, this time at Umpqua Community College in Oregon. Continue reading “5 News Stories to Know”

How to Achieve the Perfect Fall Look

by Darnysha Nard, Staff Writer

Ahh…it is that time of year. We all know it well. The season is finally here when we embrace all that is warm and cozy, but not too warm, cool, but not cold. It is the perfect weather for a bonfire and scarves, boots, hot chocolate, puffy vests that do not actually accentuate anyone’s shape and pumpkin flavored everything. Social Media would have you think that perfection is achieved every year, for an entire season. Continue reading “How to Achieve the Perfect Fall Look”

Faculty Introduction: Dr. Elizabeth Gandolfo

by Brian Hayes, Staff Writer

I’d like to take this opportunity to offer the Tablet’s official introduction of our new faculty member this year at Wake Div, Dr. Gandolfo. Some of you (like me) may have already had the privilege of getting to know her through the two courses she is teaching this semester: Christian Theology and Latin American Liberation Theology. Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Gandolfo and learn more about what encapsulates her identity. Continue reading “Faculty Introduction: Dr. Elizabeth Gandolfo”

Third Year Spotlight Turns to Andrew Burner

by Michelle Butler, Staff Writer

Andrew Burner (affectionately known as Drew by those who know him) is a son, brother, uncle, friend and a man of much character and respect. Andrew is a native of the “GREAT” city of Winston-Salem and is a graduate of Appalachian State University, John Brown University, and soon to be Wake Forest University. While Drew may appear to be absent to some at the Divinity school his presence is one that is loved and appreciated. So if you don’t know much about Andrew Burner, take some time and get to know him a little more! Enjoy! Continue reading “Third Year Spotlight Turns to Andrew Burner”

Time is the Key

by Jayvon Johnson, Staff Writer

As my local church begins its final week of fasting, I have decided to share this week on one of the topics we have been focusing on, “time.” During moments of our life we can take time for granted while preparing for our blessings. We often pray to God for great manifestations to happen in our life and long for Him to turn situations around for us, yet we hate to wait. We must understand one of the most significant parts of this new season in our lives is time. Continue reading “Time is the Key”

Top Twelve Places to Nap on Campus

Continue reading “Top Twelve Places to Nap on Campus”

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