Real Talk about Race: My Experience in Interracial (and SGL) Dating

Supreme Court Allows California Gay Marriage, Voids U.S. Lawby Keith A. Menhinick
Guest Contributor

“Wait, you don’t put on lotion everyday?” Matthew scrunched his eyebrows and tilted his head. And I, mouth open and eyes narrowed, mirrored his confusion with my own question, “Wait, you put on lotion every day?” I have learned that is but one of the gobs of differences that exist between us. The more I fall in love with him, the more I learn how different we are. Continue reading

Theological Education: The Integrity of the Generalist Approach

Wait_Chapel_Closeupby Chris Coleman
Guest Contributor

This semester I’ve been working for the divinity school by doing some on-the-road recruiting across parts of the southeast. My target group has specifically been small colleges that get overlooked by other divinity schools and seminaries. Last week, however, I represented Wake Div at Baylor University’s expansive recruiting event where there were theological schools from across the country. Fuller Seminary was on my right. Three of the six Southern Baptist seminaries were around me. Down the row were McAfee, Duke, Brite, Perkins, as well as a slew of denominationally-affiliated seminaries. During my own trips I have put on the “dog and pony show” for prospective students, trying to sell them on Wake Div by attempting to be all things to all people. It wasn’t until this most recent trip to Baylor that I finally realized how Wake should claim it stands apart from all of these other schools. Continue reading

Good News and Bad Fruit

static1.squarespace.comby Lisa Page
Staff Writer

“In the same way, every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad trees bear bad fruit.” Matthew 7:17

In the discussion of the rights and lives of LGBTQ people, the “Christian” voice is bearing bad fruit and bad news. In the run up to this week’s Supreme Court hearing on the constitutionality of a law banning same-sex marriage, this bad fruit has been on full display. Some “Christians” claim marriage equality will increase abortions. One “Christian” pundit says that marriage equality is a scheme of Satan. Others swear they will die to end “gay marriage slavery.” A man who is likely to run for president likens marriage equality to the fight against Isis. Many claim that marriage equality will force pastors to marry same-sex couples or forbid preachers from saying what they believe. Some “Christians” almost seem strangely eager for marriage equality, suggesting it will usher in the end times. This is bad fruit and bad news. There is no gospel here. Continue reading

Photo Op Ministry

yourimage-1by Brandon Hubbard-Heitz

Christians often conceive of vocation as a calling to a specific kind of religious profession. “I am called to the ministry.” At the same time, Christians also reference callings to particular places, especially far flung locales perfectly suited for display on Facebook and Instagram. This tendency towards photo op ministry has biblical precedence in the epic journeys of our founding saints. Abraham was called out of Ur. The Israelites out of Egypt. Jesus out of Nazareth. Paul out of Israel to the ends of the earth. Continue reading

The End Is Nigh: Self-Care during Finals

special-relaxing-tea-1.gifby Elizabeth Corney
Staff Writer

It’s that time again. The life cycle of the student has again come to the point in the semester when everyone would rather join the circus than face finals, when we curse those classes that looked so promising in the course listing. One day soon, we will take daily showers, put away that mountain of clean laundry, and vanquish the layer of bacteria taunting us from the tub. Sleep will come again. The paper writing muse that sleeps during the day and comes alive at night will be long gone. Continue reading

Gracing Justice

justiceby Brian Hayes
Staff Writer

We all have those things from our past we hope no one ever mentions. Those things we hope certain people don’t find out about. The things we try to convince ourselves never actually happened. I’m talking about our mistakes—the big ones—the ones that are more than just mistakes. I’m talking about those shameful things that are evidence we were once somebody we hate. Those things that reveal an image of self from which we are ever trying to divorce ourselves. Those things that we feel would make people instantly distance themselves from us if they only knew. Those things that we find ourselves reminded about when we least expect it, that we can’t ever seem to get away from. The things that make us wonder: Is escape from the past possible? Continue reading

Goodbye My Friend

spice-girls-goodbye-k7-melanie-emma-geri-14346-MLB2810161058_062012-Fby Jessica Place
Staff Writer

One of the most tragic and significant moments of my childhood was the day the Spice Girls broke up.

It was 1998, and I was 11 years old. My life revolved around the Spice Girls. My best friends and I used to spend hours dancing to their songs in our training bras, track pants, and platform Skechers. I watched my VHS tape of Spice World over and over, certain that it was the greatest cinematic masterpiece of all time. I had a giant poster of Ginger Spice in her Union Jack dress on my wall. I lived and breathed Girl Power. So when the band announced that they were breaking up, I was devastated. Continue reading

Third Year Spotlight Turns to Ted Wilkinson

Finger Gunsby Anna Fleig
Staff Writer

Ted Wilkinson is one of those people who have the ability to put you at ease with his casual presence and listening ear. Sure, his extensive knowledge of Star Wars and Dungeons & Dragons add to his affable nature—and his seemingly limitless gifts of candy during exam time—but it’s really his charming modesty that makes Ted one of Wake Divinity’s most beloved students. Continue reading