Self-Discovery and Learning to Love Myself

love-yourselfby Brian Hayes
Staff Writer

I am slowly learning that it’s okay to love myself. In fact, it’s healthy. While love for my beautiful wife is certainly at the top of my Valentine’s Day priority list, the idea of loving myself is prominently as well. Growing up, I was always taught that it is wrong for me to love myself as a Christian. Because of that, I have a difficult time doing that now. The main ideology I adopted was that self must be denied in order to love others. I still believe there is a sense in which that can be true. However, overall, I am coming to see how love for self is intricately tied to love for others. Really, loving self is necessary for loving others. Continue reading

Broke, Bored Valentine’s Day

0z0's-words--quotes--quote-n-share--pink--comments--shoes--arena_largeby Elizabeth Corney
Staff Writer

Many of us hard working divinity students are full of spirit but somewhat low on cash when Valentine’s Day rolls around—unless you already did your taxes and got a big refund. If that is the case, stop reading and make a reservation at one of Winston’s fine local restaurants. For the rest of us, here is a list in no particular order of things to do alone or with friends. Continue reading

An Open Letter to Wake Forest University

typewriterby John-Mark Brown
Staff Writer

Dear Fellow Members of the Wake Forest University Community,

It would appear we have a problem. No, I’m not talking about the annoying folks who interrupt the blessed silence of the 24 hour study rooms in the our hallowed ZSR. I’m not even talking about the wastefulness of toilet paper wafting in the paltry trees of the upper quad after we eek out a win over an unranked opponent. Shockingly enough, I’m not even going to touch on the debaucherous subject of Kiss Night, in all its sensual pleasures and sexist premises.

Instead, I would like to guide your attention to a growing issue. An issue that our country and campus avoids at all costs. The overwhelmingly despicable treatment of minority individuals on this campus. Let me say that again: The overwhelmingly despicable treatment of minority individuals on this campus. Continue reading

It Gets Better: Valentine’s Day for the Rest of Us

pinterest-pic-459669by Lisa Page
Staff Writer

Dear Beloved Div School Friend,

I am writing this letter for those of you in your 20s who are currently single and don’t want to be. This is not one of those letters about the Jesus shaped hole in your heart that needs to be filled by prayer or about how you shouldn’t feel sad about being alone. Being single when you don’t want to sucks and can be downright depressing. I know, I was single and sad about it for much of my 20’s and early 30’s. Some of that might be the way society frames romantic relationships as the be-all-end-all, the thing that completes us, the thing that will finally make us valuable and acceptable. All those messages are out there and they are unhelpful at best. And yet the very first thing that God did for humankind was to give us one another- it was not good for the human to be alone so God created a companion. We are created to be in relationship. So I see your pain and I hold it tenderly. Loneliness is hard. Especially when you see friends your own age or younger getting married, settling down, even having children. The longing can take on a life of its own. Continue reading

How to Be a Sex-Positive Christian

a8af8d354b34f08a7016d39f05c26714by Jessica Place
Staff Writer

1. Consent, Consent, Consent!
Understanding the importance of consent is the foundation of sex positivity, and an absolute requirement of a true, Christ-centered notion of sexual morality. This should go without saying, but no one should be forced, coerced, or pressured into any kind of sexual activity. Unfortunately, most Christians talk about sex this way: married sex = good, unmarried sex = bad. If this is the only way we talk about sex, we imply that sexual assault inside of marriage is ok, or that unmarried people who are sexually assaulted are somehow tainted by sin. Instead of using marriage as the standard by which we judge sexual morality, we need to use consent. Continue reading

Loving Love by Pia Diggs

baby-handby Pia Diggs
Staff Writer

I can’t help but look at my youngest niece and see love!

Love was born December 1, 2014. A little over a month later she was admitted into the hospital for bacterial meningitis. She was hospitalized for ten days. It felt like forever as we watched the doctors and nurses poke and prod my one-month-old niece. By day eight, the infectious disease doctor had cleared Love. She was more alert and smiled at everyone that entered the room. On day ten, with much relief we brought Love home again. Continue reading

Why I Am a Baptist

gardab12by Andrew Gardner
Guest Contributor

Baptists are obsessed with this question. Typing the question into Google will yield 37.5 million hits — 17 million more hits than for Methodists, 22 million more than for Lutherans, 21 million more than for Presbyterians, and 37 million more than for Episcopalians (who apparently could care less about informing you why they are Episcopalian). While Roman Catholics have 85 million hits, I chalk that one up to being around for almost 1500 years longer than any other Protestant denomination.

Explaining why I’m a Baptist is a difficult. Continue reading

Third Year Spotlight Turns to Lové Lemon

lemols12by Anna Fleig
Staff Writer

Hailing from the great city of Winston Salem, Min. Lové S. Lemon is one of Wake Div’s most vibrant and energetic students. For those who do not know her, she is a woman of passion and conviction who aspires to greatness. She brings abounding energy to her love of family and her desire to live into a profession that will allow her to support others spiritually, emotionally, and financially. Underlying her bold personality, Lové has a big heart that she hopes to share with the world. Continue reading